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James Burke

James Burke

James Burke is an interaction designer and technologist currently working under the moniker of Lifesized. His practise involves design research and strategy for a variety of clients.

James organizes an event called ‘Quantified Self’ which is part of a global movement, describing itself as “Self knowledge through numbers’. The Quantified Self is a collaboration of users and tool makers who share an interest in measuring a wide variety of personal statistics, for example: sleep patterns, work habits, athletic performance or eating behavior. Quantifying this, often leads to discoveries about diet, cognition, mood, and sleep.

James consults several companies (Philips) on opportunities and risks regarding how quantification and technology can impact Healthcare, Well-Being, Recreation and more.

He also co-founded the P2P Foundation which researches, documents and promotes peer to peer practices. In May 2011 the P2P Foundation won the Prix Ars Electronica 2011 in the category Next Idea with the Chokepoint Project. The Chokepoint Project discusses transparency versus control of the Internet by showing nodes of control that authoritarian regimes could act upon without the consent of their citizens. The Prix Ars Electronica is the world’s most important and widely respected competition of media art.

James is also known for Dutch and European initiatives on open government data and is a co-founder of Hack de Overheid (hack the government). Hack de Overheid organizes events around government-related themes and helps government agencies improve public services as well as increasing political transparency.

He is a co-founder of VURB, a European framework for policy and design research concerning urban computational systems which provides direction and resources to a portfolio of projects investigating how our cultures might come to use networked digital resources to change the way we understand, build, and inhabit cities. One recent project by VURB was Urbanode.

James speaks about the Quantified Self, Open Data, Social Software, the City as Platform and User Experience Design.

CVS for the Self

James Burke – Life as a CVS from Quantified Self Amsterdam on Vimeo.

Applying analytics to relationships

James Burke – Applying analytics to relationships from Quantified Self Amsterdam on Vimeo.

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