Bo van Houwelingen & Caroline van Keeken

Bo en Caro speaks Dutch, English

Topics: Networking, Start-ups

Services: Keynote, Presentation, Workshop

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Bo van Houwelingen & Caroline van Keeken

Bo van Houwelingen & Caroline van Keeken

Bo en Caro

Some people have a talent for networking. They work the room with their business cards within reach and a charming smile on their face. Unfortunately most of us don’t. And yet we all need to network sometimes: to establish useful business contacts or to find that person that can help you with that job you wanted.

Bo van Houwelingen and Caroline van Keeken built up their networking experience during the past one and a half year when they were writing a column for Dutch quality newspaper NRCQ. They visited at least one network event a day.

When they decided to write a book about networking, they drew from their own experience, but also turned to science: what is known about networking, posture, social issues and communication? The book is full of tips, tricks and pep-talks and can turn the shyest person into a networking expert. The book, Netwerken: De fijne kneepjes was launched in September 2016.

And now, you can book them for presentations, keynotes, and workshops. They teach the audience how to keep a conversation going, how to leave a good impression and above all: how to get the most out your networking event.

Bo Houwelingen (1987) and Caroline of Keeken (1988) wrote the networking column ‘Bo & Caro’ for NRCQ. Van Houwelingen studied journalism and psychology and writes reviews for De Volkskrant. Van Keeken studied European studies and journalism. She writes for Het Parool, NRC and Trouw.

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