Mitzi László

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Mitzi László

Mitzi László

Mitzi Laszlo

Mitzi László is a neuroscientist and entrepreneur.

Previously she worked as a neuroscientist for a Brazilian epidemiology study funded by the Wellcome Trust looking into decision making and particularly into health behaviours. She then went on to set up a data analytics and preventative healthcare company – Innit.

Mitzi is an expert advisor to the European Commission to design the financing strategy for innovation across Europe. She is driven to create systems that drive positive change across Europe and bring research ideas out of the lab and into our everyday realities. Circular economies and aligning financial incentives with social incentives are key to building a sustainable future.

Mitzi builds business models that align financial incentives with health incentives – hard analytics into nudges. Personal data trading is fundamental to individuals taking ownership of their behaviour and democratising global power structures. Data is the currency of tech, which is why she founded Innit Foundation that allows people to extract the value of their data without compromising identity privacy.

Mitzi speaks about Personalised Medicine and Digital Health, Big Data (how to create value without compromising privacy), and Social Entrepreneurship (how to set up a healthy business, without compromising your ethical values).

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