Roel van Rijsewijk

Roel speaks Dutch, English

Topics: Internet Strategy, Privacy, Security

Services: Keynote, Panel, Presentation

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Roel van Rijsewijk

Roel van Rijsewijk

Roel van Rijsewijk

Roel van Rijsewijk is self-proclaimed New Age Digital Anarchist and Associate Partner of Deloitte with more than 15 years of experience working for technology enabled businesses in the field of risk management.

He is also Senior Fellow of Deloitte’s Centre for the Edge, the research facility that helps senior executives make sense of and profit from emerging opportunities on the edge of business and technology.

The Upside of Cyber Risk: beyond the fear of cybercrime.
Most of the dialogue around cyber risk is based on fear. But how big are the risks of cybercrime and how can you protect the organization against cyber attacks without locking the whole company down? Cyber risk expert Roel van Rijsewijk answers these questions in his new talk. He likes to focus on the upside of cyber risk; on how to embrace uncertainty and dare to be vulnerable. In his talk he explains how to be open and connected, and therefore vulnerable to cyber risk, but with utter confidence.

Roel started as a consultant for the Public Sector, moving quickly to the Media and Technology sector, as this was the first Industry that was disrupted by the Internet. Quickly enough all other industries followed and Roel broadend his scope. He continued to work with corporates in the midst of a digital transformation and managing risk engagements for multinationals took him all over the globe, bringing him a wealth of experience in this field.

In 2013 he was made partner and leading Deloittes Cyber Risk team in Amsterdam. A team of 150 professionals ranging from advisory and implementation experts to ethical hackers with deep technical expertise.

After two years of leading and growing the Cyber team, Roel decided to give up the status and career that comes with a partnership at Deloitte, to only do what he does best. Roel gave his equity share in the firm back to become a senior fellow of Deloitte’s Center for the Edge.

There he takes deep dives in content to bring back what he finds with vision and inspiration. Cyber Space promises a kind of society that real space would never allow: freedom without anarchy, control without government and consensus without power. Control is born out of fear. To let go you need trust. Empowered by the brand and global network of Deloitte Roel’s purpose is to provide trust in an open cyber space.

Roel’s specialties are: Cyber Security, Online Privacy, Digital Information Ethics, Risk and Trust in a Digital World

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