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Rutger Kemper

Rutger Kemper

Rutger Kemper

Rutger Kemper is co-founder of Leapfunder, the largest online angel investment platform of the Netherlands, which facilitates funding for startups.

He studied Business Administration at the RSM Erasmus University of Rotterdam with a Master specialization in Finance & Investments and a second Master specialization in Accounting & Control. Additionally, he took a minor in entrepreneurship and took MBA courses in Mexico City at the Tecnológico Autónomo de México.

During his studies he founded several companies which all failed miserably, including a model agency and a remedial teaching company. He was more successful in the banking business: he started his working career at the investment banking division of Credit Suisse as a M&A analyst. Afterwards, he worked as an analyst for UFF Asset Management which is a specialized alternative investment fund located in Cape Town, South Africa. After returning to the Netherlands, he completed a traineeship at the commercial banking division of Van Lanschot. He continued his career at Mercer as an investment consultant advising family offices, pension funds and insurance companies.

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At Leapfunder, he combines his financial knowledge with entrepreneurship. Currently, he resides in Amsterdam and is responsible for the Dutch market. Rutger speaks about entrepreneurship, starups, investment and banking. He also gives workshops on angel-investment at banks.

Besides keynotes, Rutger also offers an investmentgame:

Have you ever invested in a startup and do you want to improve you skills? Or have you never invested in a startup and do you want to experience what its like to be a real angel investor? In this workshop you will become a real startup investor and invest in real startups!

After some practical investment tips of Ruter he will talk about a few startup cases. After this, everyone will receive a fictive €100.000,- to invest in these startups. Consult with your fellow-angels, find people with and without experience, talk about the cases and invest the first €80.000,-. A fictive year goes by and Ruter will explain to you how the several startups performed and what their current status is. Now you are left with €20.000,-, how will you invest this money?

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