New and noteworthy New and noteworthy

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Mei Ling Tan Mei Ling Tan
Founder House of Einstein

Eva Ruiz
Eva Zahrawi Ruiz
Brand- and marketing consultant and executive coach

Tim van der Wiel
Tim van der Wiel
Founder GoSpooky and

Rocco Stallvord
Rocco Stallvord
Co-founder We Are First

Jons Janssens
Jons Janssens
Head of Digital Ace&Tate

Rens Lieman
Rens Lieman
Author ‘Uber voor alles’
Joost Kraima Joost Kraima
Co-founder YouTubechannel Gierige Gasten
Roderick Reichenbach Roderick Reichenbach
Co-founder Braingineers
Katja Berkhout Katja Berkhout
Director International @ StartupDelta
Johan van Mil Johan van Mil
Co-founder Peak Capital
Marjan van Aubel Marjan van Aubel
Founder Caventou, solar designer
Yuri Veerman Yuri Veerman
Disruptor, designer, artist

Disruptors, speakers and experts for your event, workshop or masterclass.

At The Next Speaker you will find information about technology, creativity and innovation in the form of keynotes, brainstorm sessions and workshops. We represent all kinds of experts in these fields. Furthermore we develop programs for conferences and in-house workshops and we organise events.

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